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 Latex Soup Magazine

Latex Soup Digital Magazine-

A magazine of balloon twisting art, news, instructions, interviews, and fun! 

Latex Soup Bundle- And industrial-sized can of Latex Soup!  A digital version of Issues #1, #3, #4, #5, and #6 in one serving!

Issue #1-
(8.5 x 5.5, 40 pages, PDF-only).  Sports Theme issue, featuring balloon sculpture instruction for The Baseball Glove, Fishing Pole, Football Bracelet, Giant Foam Finger, and Skateboard.  Columns include Becoming Artists by Artsy ‘O Phartsy, Earth-Shattering New Products, and “On Creativity” by Bonnie the Balloon Lady.  Also includes comics and miscellaneous tomfoolery.


Issue #2- (8.5 x 11, 36 pages.  PDF version).  Originally a full-sized, full-color printed magazine, Issue Two of Latex Soup is the "Soup-er Hero" themed issue.  Opening with news and contest results from last issue, this installment continues with the regular articles and columns- Balloon Jam Reports, Ask the Latexpert, News and Rumors, BalloonCrafting, Earth-Shattering New Products, and Time Capsule.  This issue also contains comics, balloon doodles, balloon design instructions, an exercise in balloon geometry, and articles by Peter John Lindsay and Artsy O' Phartsy.  There's even a "Where's Waldo"-style game to help you Escape from the Office Job!  What more could you want?


Issue # 4-  (8.5 x 11, 12 pages, PDF-only).  Getting a feel for the new digital format, this issue is much tighter and neater than the issue before.  Featuring a full five page interview with Jeanine Von Essen, this issue also sports a nifty four-wheeler (ATV) balloon sculpture design, Balloon Jam Reports, Ask the Latexpert, Book and Video Reviews, and the results of Ralph Dewey’s Balloon History Crossword Puzzle.  Ralph Dewey also contributed the Odds & Ends last page feature, a look at bizzare balloon inflations.

Issue #5-  (8.5 x 11, 17 pages, PDF-only).  Already breaking the condensed 12-page format set just months before, this issue clocks in at a hefty 17 pages.  This issue’s Balloon Jam Report comes in from Phoenix, Arizona, showcasing photos sent in by Ric Fout.  Artsy O’ Phartsy brings three pages of thoughts on imaginary barriers in art and human achievement, and Ralph Dewey shares a bit about Wally Boag, and also the story of Disneyland’s world record balloon event in 1985.  There is also a fun story about struggles on a balloon decorating job, and balloon sculpture instructions for animals based on Patrick Van De Vin’s “Little Guy” template.

Issue #6-  (8.5 x 11, 16 pages, PDF-only).  Power to the Twisters!  This is the Do-It-Yourself themed issue, all about taking control of your tools and your art!  The Balloon Jam Report comes from Stretch’s stop in Memphis, Tennessee, and is complemented by a one-page Stretch interview as well.  Bonnie Davis and Tonya McNeill collaborate to bring us Designers at Work, two very creative and talented artists jamming together from several states apart.  Other articles include a look at double-stuffing, and Want it, Need it, Make it, Do it!, a four-page overview of Do-It-Yourself balloonery.  Ralph Dewey shares his Santa Sleigh hat sculpture, and the quirky Odds & Ends feature wraps up the issue.  Occupy BalloonStreet!

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